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We're like rock stars

Only better

7/19/05 05:30 pm - violet_wilmont - Vi at a cafe - OTA

::Violet sat at an outdoors table at her favorite cafe. She sipped her iced coffee, stirring the straw in it again, and lit another cigarette. The heat was oppressive, but thanks to the current Mayor, a girl could no longer enjoy her Parliments in air conditioning. She flipped through the pages of Vogue, bored. She looked up quickly to see a familiar face passing by::

"Fancy meeting you here."

7/14/05 05:38 pm - natalie_crane

Natalie Crane was making a rare appearance out of her house, wearing a t-shirt that many of her fellow Upper East Siders wouldn't be caught dead in, which said 'Clerics are lame'. Not like anyone outside of the D&D circuit would get it. She was with her brother, as usual, and they were standing outside Lowes Cineplex waiting for Batman Begins to start.
Gerard was already getting bored. "So, this movie is good?"
Natalie glared in her brother's general direction and got back to people-watching. "It was the last three times you saw it with me, Gerard."
Gerard shrugged off her comment. "Hey, maybe we'll run into one of your friends from school."
"HA!" Natalie laughed, but lowered her head a bit and began scrutinizing the theatre patrons more carefully....

7/7/05 10:41 pm - ryan_r

Ryan stood inside Barney's New York, his mind completely blank. He needed another suit, a good one, he had decided earlier that day. Unfortunately, the one that was growing mold in his closet was one that belonged to his father, so he didn't pick it out himself. All these men with thick accents were giving him a headache, they were waving the white measuring tapes from side to side gesturing something, but he couldn't figure it out.

"Need some help?" Someone behind him asked. He spun around to find...

7/7/05 10:10 pm - chloe_knapper - Chloe in Barney's - OTA

::Chloe walked into Barney's wearing juicy couture jeans and a christine vancouver silk cami. She put her sunglasses on top of her head and noticed one of her friends browsing the clothing racks::

"Hey!" she called.

7/4/05 01:30 pm - violet_wilmont - Vi at Starbucks - OTA

::Violet put her feet on the coffee table in front of her. She wasn't inconsiderate, she had just come to think of the Starbucks as a second home. She took a sip of her iced latte and was just about to go back to the cheap chick-lit novel she had been reading when she saw one of her friends::


7/4/05 02:26 am - mackenzie_clark

Mackenzie stood ouside Saks Fifth Avenue with a massive amount of shopping bags splayed around her. She stomped out her Camel Light with her Marc Jacobs pump. She sighed as she waited for her driver to pull up. He said he was just going around the block....what was taking so long? Just then she saw a familiar face...

7/3/05 12:25 pm - tina_ford - Sunday Brunch given by the New York City Ballet OTA

Tina Ford listlessly twirled her fork into her caviar and foie gras omelette. It was Sunday morning and the New York City Ballet was holding Sunday brunch for the members of the board at the Four Seasons. New York's finest were all in the room. Tina was sitting at a long table with her mother to the left of her and her little brother Chet to the right. Sarah Jessica Parker and Oprah were chatting vibrantly to her mother. Tina's hair was swept back into a neat, slick bun and she wore a Diane Von Fursterberg dressCollapse ) The other side of the table was empty and Tina sighed, obviously bored. She looked up as someone familiar sat down.

6/30/05 09:34 am - lucia_aires - Lucia at Soho Cafe OTA

Lucia sighed as she absentmindedly wandered the streets of Manhattan. She wore a Marc by Marc Jacobs peasant topCollapse ) and Generra jeansCollapse ). She dug into her bag for a pack of cigarettes, she lit one as she wandered into a tiny cafe in Soho. She took an outdoor table and absentmindedly looked over the menu.
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