Natalie Elizabeth Crane (natalie_crane) wrote in seaton_playing,
Natalie Elizabeth Crane

Natalie Crane was making a rare appearance out of her house, wearing a t-shirt that many of her fellow Upper East Siders wouldn't be caught dead in, which said 'Clerics are lame'. Not like anyone outside of the D&D circuit would get it. She was with her brother, as usual, and they were standing outside Lowes Cineplex waiting for Batman Begins to start.
Gerard was already getting bored. "So, this movie is good?"
Natalie glared in her brother's general direction and got back to people-watching. "It was the last three times you saw it with me, Gerard."
Gerard shrugged off her comment. "Hey, maybe we'll run into one of your friends from school."
"HA!" Natalie laughed, but lowered her head a bit and began scrutinizing the theatre patrons more carefully....
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